Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Olympic Coach to Stage Vancouver Seminar on "Becoming the Champion of Your Own Life"

Media Contact: Nancy McCartney for Steffany Hanlen

Olympic Coach to Stage Vancouver Seminar on "Becoming the Champion of Your Own Life"

VANCOUVER BC—Steffany Hanlen, the first-ever female contracted NHL skating coach and performance coach for the 2006 Canadian Olympic Figure Skating Ice Dance Team, is staging a unique weekend seminar called "The Champions' Journey" on November 14-15, 2009. The event, which Hanlen calls an "intimate look into what creates success at the highest levels", will take place at the Sheraton Airport Hotel in Vancouver, BC.

"For world-class athletes, the most stressful time is right before they compete--and that's the way it is with the rest of us, too," Hanlen said. "Think just before you start a new job, or get married, or have a baby. How you plan and prepare for these major life events (or not!) makes a huge impact on your ability find lasting happiness."

The event will reveal how top-tier athletes prepare themselves mentally to perform at their peak--and how active, successful people can "borrow" their techniques to achieve greatness in their own lives. In addition, Hanlen will touch on strategies for transitioning into a healthy routine after major life changes--which is something that "high achievers often struggle with," she noted.

"Real success is about much more than just preparation before the event: it's about having a life you can be proud of.  Many athletes find they fall apart once they've achieved their goals. I support my clients in planning for 'now what?'  My commitment is to help them find real balance and satisfaction in all areas of their life--not just in sport."

Hanlen said that athletes aren't the only ones with this problem, but high-achievers in every area tend to be afflicted with it. "Challenges, overcoming adversity, politics, life balance issues, financial fears--this isn't just an 'athlete' issue: it's a human issue," Hanlen said.

Public registration for "The Champions' Journey" seminar is now open. Interested persons are encouraged to visit Hanlen's website at www.steffanyhanlen.com


ABOUT STEFFANY HANLEN: In 1991, Hanlen became the NHL's only paid female skating coach, contracted to both the Edmonton Oilers ('91-'00) and the St. Louis Blues ('00-'05). She was the first performance coach to be granted rink side accreditation during the ice dance competition at the Winter Olympic Games in 2006. She has coached dozens of high-profile professional athletes, including NHL hockey players and Olympians, as well as singers, actors, ballroom dancers, business owners, CEOs, parents, and hard-working "regular people." Media-savvy, Hanlen has appeared on Canadian TV programs dozens of times over the past 15 years. In interviews, she is known for her engaging style, and her powerful insights into what athletes and coaches experience at the highest levels--and how it relates to life.

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