Monday, October 26, 2009

gal-friday publicity and Brian J Wood Literary Agent- combine forces to bring you even BETTER services

My associate Brian Wood and I are now offering the following services.
If you are interested in any of them below, by all means email me at  

1) Already have a contract offer from a publisher? Let me help you negotiate. ‘Boilerplate’ contracts, the kind that both small & large presses typically send out, esp. to new authors, are full of terms & clauses that are of no use to you; only the publisher; so let me help you get you the contract you deserve.

2) Need help putting together an outline & a sample chapter? In non-fiction, this is one of the key areas in getting noticed by a publisher. Brian has sold lots of books to publishers in Vancouver & Toronto by making sure the pitch, outline & sample chapter were immaculate.

3) Plan on going without an agent, & just need some contact info? Publishers & editors are not easy to find, deliberately so. (In their defense, even very small publishers receive 5-10 unsolicited mss. EVERY business day. You can imagine how many (say) Random House gets.) Brian can connect you to the right people for your project.

4) Need help in finding a good freelance editor to help polish your project? Brian can help there as well.

5) Considering self-publishing? Brian generally advises against this, but to be fair, sometimes self-publishing is the way to go. Brian and I can make sure you don’t get fleeced by the people at Trafford, Author Solutions, iUniverse, etc.

6) For those of you who want to go all out (that is, get an agented non-fiction project sold to (e.g. HarperCollins), Brian may be a good fit for you. To contact him, you go through me- Rachel Sentes at a somewhat accomplished agent herself, & I'll make sure your project gets immediate attention.

7) For those of you interested in selling fiction, be aware that we take on very few fiction projects. You will probably need representation in Toronto or NY. But Brian has just started to represent fiction, & will take a look, IF you follow send the items to Rachel.

Also gal-friday publicity has a new fax number- MY FAX Digital Fax- 780-665-4288

Thanks everyone!

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