Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tennis Toes

Today after four years I picked up a tennis racket and hit the courts. I love playing tennis, I just haven't done it in a long time. I used to play as a teenager and was actually pretty good. I won gold and silver medals in the Saskatchewan Provincial Tournaments and was one badge away from being a teacher.
Unfortunately you wouldn't have known this if you had seen me play today. I'm blaming my inadequacies on the court to two factors- my shoes and the wind.

My shoes- new ones, only worn a few times for playing Speedminton and not really broken in. As I lunged for one of the shots I felt my big toe crunch against the top of the shoe and knew that a major bruise was starting. It didn't take long until my other toe soon felt the same and by the end of the three sets I felt quite bruised. Once home my purple toes were unveiled and the treatment began. Cream and bandaids and now soaking of the feet until I make sure no blisters start under the nail. Not cool.

Today wind was a major factor in not finding my stride while playing. Most of the time it was blowing at 40 clicks an hour sending dust into my eyes and blowing my ball toss way off centre. Then when it died down for a few seconds, I was so thrown off by not having the wind I overshot the serving court. I realize that playing tennis here does mean that you occasionally have to contend with the weather, but this was ridiculous.

So I look forward to the next month when I will be able to get out and practice more for a rematch with my opponent. After my toes heal. They hurt. Right now. Sigh.

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