Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things you shouldn't receive in the mail

1. Processed cheese slices ( they don't fit in the envelope well and arrive all broken and moldy)
2. Poutine (even in bubble wrap it just doesn't taste the same)
3. Marshmallows ( going through the sorter just seems to squish them all into mush)
4. Liquor - (the small hotel room bottles are acceptable but the big ones seem to get swiped by the postmen)
5. Business Cards ( you are risking identity theft- you can't be too careful even if they were from Staples and only cost 25 cents )
6. Self-published books ( why add one more thing to put you into debt by mailing them out to people?)
7. Oxygen bottle refills ( don't ask- you wouldn't understand)
8. Cheques ( they say they are in the mail- but we all know differently don't we)
9. St. Patricks Day book ( I don't know why but a friend told me that hers was stolen out of her mailbox one year and it made her sad)

Check out Brian Wood- literary agent's blog. He has some interesting things you shouldn't send in the mail.

Why the focus on mail? Because it really is nice to receive mail that doesn't consist of bills, envelopes asking for donations, envelopes giving you a nickel and asking for it back, val-pak savings books, pizza flyers, and more bills.

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