Saturday, February 21, 2009

Taking steps

I do recognize that there are people at the Edmonton Humane Society that are there to actually help animals and not just get funding for their new building. But it amazes me how limited they actually are. Today I spoke with an officer who is going out to my neighbours house to give the dog food and water and post a notice to the owner. But she can't seize the dog unless there is a Peace Officer on duty. There isn't one today or sunday. So if the owner doesn't come back this dog will have to stay where it is. If the dog is seized the owner can still go and get it but might have to have some conditions placed on his ownership. In the meantime I'm not allowed to give the dog food and water until they monitor if the dog is eating it. They have to take photos. If the guy comes back they might issue a ticket. Our laws are awful, our bylaws are awful as well- no wonder the burn out rate for those rescuing animals is so high.

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