Monday, July 28, 2008

Gas and Breakfast Television

Hello, I don't know if you caught my appearance on Breakfast Television this morning, but it was quite fun. Wendy Sandwith was the consumate host running like a crazy woman to reach the kitchen set with 4 seconds left after the printer jammed for her next segment. She sat down, did my introduction and then quietly informed me that my knee was pushing against the gas button on the kitchen grill. It was an unexpected event, but one that was quite fun. She got us back on track immediately, ever conscious of the 5 minutes alloted to my segment. With her subtle eye cues to look at the board beside me for my tips, she made the interview easy and relaxed.

And I learned that it certainly pays to know your subject matter- because when the unexpected happens you don't want to go blank!

Thanks to Wendy and the BTV crew!

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