Sunday, August 20, 2006

Steel Plate on roadway

Construction- or lack of it. And not the cool poetry/prose type. Just the annoying roadside flashing lights kind that has inundated the south side of Edmonton, bringing with it the countless stupid drivers dashing from lane to lane in the hopes that theirs will go faster.
I haven't slept properly in days.
Not because of the angst of future decisions or worrying of things that could go wrong.
It is the Steel Plate on the roadway by my house.
The morons who speed over it, clanging and then swearing as their oil pan hits the streets.
Where are the workers? Are there workers?
I've only seen the flashing lanterns and orange barricades, but not a single yellow helmet or neon cross vest by the roadside.
I struggle with sleeplessness and bleary eyed pets in the morning, as the endles ka-chunk of the steel plate echoes through my windows.
God I'm tired.

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